Winning Films – Festival Emergence (Montreal) | MIRABAN

 Festival  Emergence

Festival Emergence’s winners of this 2020 edition are now available for streaming until the 7th September! 

Le Spectacle

Winner for Best experimental short-film      Not even death can prevent a group of rich old women from living their happy pill, Instagram-fueled lives.

Director: Chloé Sirois                              Contact:

Fuck les gars

Winner for Best fiction short-film and the Grand Jury Prize                                                  All Grade 6 students remove their coat from their locker. A paper passes discreetly between the children, right towards Anaïs. She opens it and finds out that it is a message from Laurier. Knife in the heart, rage in the eyes, she rushes on him and slaps the hell out of his face. A first heartbreak, it strikes!                                Director: Anthony Coveney                    Contact:




Winner for Best documentary short-film

Two women. Two generations. A passion. One is the first Irish boxing world champion. The other aspires to the title. Director: Claudia Kedney-Bolduc