White Pebble – MUFA | MIRABAN

White Pebble

Film Type: Short
Runtime: 06:02
Country of Origin: United States
Country of Filming: United States


In a remote village, every weekend 6-year-old ‘Titli’ waits for her friend ‘Bishnu’ who travels with his father from a city far away, to come to the village where they have a home. Titli is honest with her bitterness towards city but lingers to understand how Bishnu feels living there, in the big illusionary world.
But this time, Titli learns that this is Bishnu’s last visit, and he is moving to the city, just like the time her father did, for good. How migration of people from villages to the big cities can take away more than just friendship from little children.

Director’s Biography – Dilip V. Sood

A filmmaker from India for more than 15 years, whose work includes award-winning Feature films, Short films, TV and Web series. His last feature film ‘CHHE (6)’ had been selected for ‘BOSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL’ and won many awards at Film festivals of Florance, Rome, Calcutta & others for Best Story, Screenplay, Actor and Film. He had been facilitated with prestigious RAPA award and Russian Cultural award in the past.

To Understand the emotions of growing up years and youth is not everyone’s forte’. Dilip has been able to do exactly that and explore the wonderful emotions of Adolescence and Youth, many times through his films and TV programs.
After learning the ropes of film making from the Maestro Director Vinod Chopra, Dilip started his own production company along with his brother Sunil Sood.
After making many documentary films and public service films, Dilip found his real calling, which was in handling the genre of children & Youth. This gave way to his first Television program titled ‘ School Days’ in the year 1999 on country’s National Network. ‘School Days’ was a runaway success and immensely popular program of its time.
Over the past Eighteen years, he has produced hundreds of hours of television software and three feature films. Such as ‘Summer of 99’, ‘Chhodon Naa Yaar, CHHE (6)’.
Currently, Dilip lives and works from Delhi and his future projects in development include features films, short films, and Web series.