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About MiraBan, the Festival & more

MiraBan ‘s journey began in 2018 with an immeasurable Love for the all kinds of Art, particularly fine arts and cinema. Our role as a creative content company specialized in art contests, exhibitions, and film festivals is to give our discovered talents as much exposure, reward, and networking possible.

To all the selected candidates and to all the filmmakers out there who will be following the festival in streaming, if we have made you discover your next valuable team member, either a composer, or a director, a producer, an actor or an actress, or a child actress, then we have accomplished already one of our goals as a film festival that will perhaps lead you to produce another great movie.

We really hope that you will enjoy MiraBan UK Film Awards, II Edition and can’t wait to connect with all of you again!

    Festival Schedule


     28th August – Day 1

1 pm – 2.15 pm UK Time – “Filmmakers’ Group chats (per category)

2.30 pm UK Time – 3.00 pm UK Time “Living in Anger” with Keshav Srinivasan

3.30 pm- 5.30 pm UK time – Producers meet Directors (group chats)

8.30 pm UK time – 9.00 pm UK time Composers Talk with Guy Renardeau (A Royal Love)

9:00 UK time – 9.30 pm UK time “Mosul” with Daniel Gabriel 

    29th August – Day 2


12 pm UK Time – 12.30 pm UK Time Q&A session with Festival Emergence (Montreal, Quebec) – Festival Partner

1 pm UK Time – 1.30 pm UK Time HIV Saved My Life with Paul Edward Folkes and Aaron Yamashita

3 pm UK Time – 3.30 pm UK time – Gaza: Still Alive with Harry Fear

5.00 pm UK time  5.30 pm UK time Writers Talk – “Allured I” (film script) with Caroline J. Stussi

6.30 pm UK time – 7.00 pm UK timeComposers Talk – Ghostmantic with Edgar Andres Martinez Lozano

7.00pm UK time – 7.30pm UK time

Composers Talk with Jon Altham (The Divisible)

7.30pm UK time – 8:00pm UK time –

Composers Talk with Jonathan Galland (The Ribbon)

30th August – Day 3



Ceremony Begins @ 6.30 pm UK Time

Attire: Smart Casual Code

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