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MiraBanART Showcase


Painting, Photography, Video Art, Sculpture, Illustration and Mixed Media

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Welcome to the Third Season of MiraBanART Showcase! 

The alternative Itinerary, Contemporary Art Exhibition running throughout Italy


MiraBanART Showcase aims to reinvent the way we enjoy art exhibitions by combining an interactive artistic space with a traditionally contemplative one. That is why, we welcome the following artworks in our exhibitions:

 Photography (Abstract & Surreal Genre) 
 Painting (Abstract & Surreal Genre) 
– Illustrations (Graphic Art, Drawings)
 Digital Art (Experimental Short-Films, Video Art) 
 Mixed Media (Installations made with any kind of material) 
 Sculpture (Please, add the project as “Photography” and upload pictures of the sculpture)


A little History first…


MiraBanART Showcase was founded in March 2018 in Italy by the founders of MiraBan LTD. Created with the primary aim to renew the way art exhibitions are lived and experienced by the public and to upgrade the artists’ network, MiraBanART decided to showcase in Italian cities, such as Pescara, Roma, Florence, and Milan.

Have you ever visited a museum and felt overwhelmed by a sense of lack, apathy and irrelevance? Nothing but a four white-walls space filled with cold, inexpressive, often cynical pieces that come from no Heart and therefore they do not reach ours? 
Then, you will understand why MiraBan picked Post-Modern and Contemporary Art, and decided to bring its artworks back to life.






Through the Power of the Narrative: The Art of TalesIn fact, in MiraBanART Showcase, artworks become alive. They are personified by dancers, singers, and actors who give them a voice. We, MiraBan, auspicate Art to preserve its power to bring us back to Life when admiring it. And, in order to face the disintegrating apathy who is annihilating this world, we decided it was time for the Arts to speak up.






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