HIV Saved My Life – MUFA | MIRABAN

HIV Saved My Life

Film Type: Feature
Runtime: 1:12:07
Country of Origin: Japan
Country of Filming: Japan
Film Language: English, Japanese

Inspired by a true story about Pauls life with HIV and How it affected both himself and those around him.

Director’s Biography – Paul Edward Foulkes

Living in Japan for the better part of 36 yrs. Paul has been involved in Radio, TV and managing Japanese Musical artists. My love of the arts has bought me to this crossroads in my life.
Paul Began his Journey into Film making in 2015 when he produced the Award-winning Short Film “Aimer” a LGBTQ+ fantasy Short which won best fantasy Short at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2017.
Paul’s second Short Film (Directed, Produced and Acted by Paul) “Reflections” an LGBTQ+ Film about a crossdresser, won Best documentary short at the “Norcal International Film Festival” October 2019, and “Best Original Soundtrack (Migliore Colona Sonora)” at the Live Musica Contest (Concorsa Vivere di Musical) December 2019.
“HIV may have saved my Life” is a Feature Documentary about Paul’s life, a true story about living with the condition “HIV” the good the bad and the ugly, about a condition which has put fear into the roots of our humanity. A condition which not only effects the person who has it but the people involved in his life.
Paul’s life goal is to Direct and produce Shorts and featured which bring into light social issues, both the dark side and the success stories which have evolved from the dark side.
Upcoming project in the works is about the sexual abuse of underage women, and how they have found a way to find their “Voice” and be public in a society which still today suppresses their right to have that “Voice”.

Director’s Biography – Aaron Yamashita

Aaron Yamashita is a Director and filmmaker based in Tokyo. At an early age, he had an interest in movies and filmmaking. He made his first music video at 17 and continued to make music videos, promotional video and wedding films for the next 15 years. At 30 he started working in a film studio and in 2015 made his first short film “Chasing the Dream”. That is when he fell in love telling amazing stories of amazing people and made it his passion to direct more short films.

“My goal was to eventual Direct a full feature film or documentary”. In 2018 he got to make a short film with world-renowned photographer Zung “Day in the life of an International Photographer: Zung Heng.

In 2019 he Directed and Produced 6 short films, one of which is “HIV Saved My Life: A Reflection on LIFE”.

My goal is to continue and make more Documentaries and short films inspiring others through the stories.