French Artists


Influenced by classic art but with a modern approach, Clovis Pareiko’s current work is monochromatic, using the complex layering techniques of the Flemish Primitives. He started with a grisaille and using a succession of glazes, he is able to achieve colors that are unusually dense and deep.
Focusing on parts of the human body and depicted in large format, Clovis chooses to represent these areas of the body as a pretext to draw reliefs, shadows and curves. Thus, they become an abstract landscape.



Anaïs Desmond is a French collage and graphic design artist. She lives and works in Paris, where she dedicates to the creation of his works, which are the result of a synthesis between photography, painting and video art. In fact, Anaïs’ creations tell a story, making use of the same visual expedients of a film. The images, in sequence, are “pieces” of a whole puzzle, which leaves the viewer the freedom to interpret it. Since 2012, Anaïs has exhibited in numerous international art galleries. In 2018, Anaïs became the artistic director of the band “Rovski”.

“Yellow”, Oil On Canvas

“Blue”, Oil On Canvas