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Bozkir, Look At The Birds

Film Type: Feature
Runtime: 1:51:10
Country of Origin: Turkey
Country of Filming: Turkey
Film Language: Turkish


Abdullah and Cripple Ziya are gun dealers in the Bozkir district of Konya. They put honesty, honor, and dignity before anything else. Even though Abdullah and Cripple Ziya have opposite personalities, their friendship and partnership go back many years. Abdullah has worked hard and finally bought the horse he has been dreaming of. Now, all he wants to do is to marry his beloved Emine and build a happy life. Cripple Ziya lives one day at a time. He has no intention of settling down, he only cares about spending his money for his own happiness. One day, Abdullah and Cripple Ziya visit Abdullah’s friend Bekir the Potter whom Abdullah has known from his time in military service. They find out that Bekir is not home. His wife Suheyla invites them in and serves them a cold beverage. When Abdullah steps out for a mere second, Cripple Ziya harasses Suheyla. When Abdullah comes back inside, Cripple Ziya runs away…

Director Biography –Mehmet Tanrisever

Mehmet Tanrısever (born 1953 in Konya, Turkey) is a Turkish filmmaker and businessman, who is best known as the founder of Feza Film, which produced his films Abdullah from Minye (1989), The Exile (1992) and Free Man (2011).
Originally an industrialist by profession, Mehmet Tanrısever became a producer in 1989 with the establishment of Feza Film, stating that, “I first started filmmaking because I wanted to express an idea.” When Abdullah from Minye (1989), the first film he produced, broke box- office records, he was compelled to make the move into directing. The Exile (1992), his debut as director, won ‘Second Best Film’ at the 45th International Salerno Film Festival and the 11th Tashkent International Film Festival, where he also won the Silver Phoenix and ‘Best Debut Director’ awards.
He returned to the screens as co-writer, producer and director of Free Man (2011).