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Best international feature


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Film Type: Feature

Runtime: 1 hour 59 minutes 4 seconds

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: Iraq, United Kingdom 

Film Language: English, Kurdish 

Mr. Apple was still haunted by the chemical attacks that claimed the lives of his family in 1988. A Kurdish man flees his homeland in search of a better life in the United Kingdom. He keeps his apples; not to eat, but to inhale.
As an asylum seeker, Aryan integrates himself into the film industry and not all is what it seems when a filmed action scene goes horribly wrong when the set is attacked by real-life terrorists.

He’s implicated into the dark ocean of political traders that would do anything for money and power.
Detectives dig deeper into Aryan’s past and find evidence of military training, which adds more weight to the conviction that the public are crying out for. Can Mr. Apple prove his innocence?

Director Biography – Danny Darren , Paul J. Lane

Danny Darren also known as ( Halmat Salah) in the UK. Is an actor, producer and Author.Born in 1980 in small village called (kallakan) few miles far from the city of Qaladze district/Kurdistan-Iraq in the beautiful mountain region where gestures of kindness and respect are used everywhere. Language is only a small barrier in the grand scheme of life in Kurdistan. People’s souls have been touched by his warmth.. Danny fled his homeland in 2002 to find a better life as Kurdish people were torched by the Iraqi regime. He travelled country to country walking thousands of miles through the mountains and across sea and land with the most horrifying experience of his life. He saw suffering from the journey to find a better life; The new chapter in his life started with different cultures and different countries. He strives to improve his life . The stories that led him to be the man who writes books and movies and playing different characters in films however helping out with charity events to raise money for charities his journey will be captured in his next Book.