Aroused – MUFA | MIRABAN


Film Type: Feature
Page Count: 96
Country of Origin: United States
Film Language: English


When a recovering drug and alcohol addict rents a room to a handsome stranger, his new roommate’s dark secret begins threatening his recovery and life.

Writer’s Biography – Barrie Jay Stich

Barry Jay is a life-long expert in making the best of every situation, and turning every obstacle into an adventure. As a kid searching for a creative outlet, he began making stop-motion Super 8 horror movies, casting his ankle in the role of “Werewolf.” Trapped in high school study hall with a piano, he wrote his first song and fell in love with songwriting. He attended the NY School Of Theatrical Arts and enjoyed a short stint as a Broadway performer, before heading to Los Angeles with $800 and two songs in his pocket to pursue a career as a songwriter.

By day, Jay worked in entertainment PR, managing the careers of Chaka Khan and Marsha Warfield, but around this time, he noticed he was becoming consumed by a new passion: fitness. He began teaching classes at a local gym and quickly gained a following. Looking at the fitness landscape, he noticed something was missing: a fun, high-octane workout that would soon become the talk of the town. Thus, Barry’s Bootcamp was founded in 1998. “Barry’s” has since grown into a fitness powerhouse with 70 studios worldwide, and more on the horizon.

At the top of his game as an entrepreneur, Jay found himself missing the creative outlets of his youth, and decided to return to his original love of writing and to “take a stab” with horror movies. In 2015, his screenplay The Chosen was produced and released. Next, he wrote the wraparound story for the horror anthology feature film Patient Seven. In 2018, he made his directorial debut with Ashes, which is being distributed by 1091 Media and released July 2019. Most recently, Jay has made his childhood horror fan dreams come true by writing and directing the feature Killer Therapy (currently in post-production), and casting all of his favorite iconic horror actors in the film.

A devoted animal lover, Jay lives in Las Vegas with his partner and three rescue dogs.